Getting Along with Each Other


When Bickering Takes Over

Few relationships last very long without disagreements showing up. If two people are compatible, these disagreements will be short term and the couple will be able to work out their own solutions. For people that are not quite compatible, they may disagree more often. If the couple cannot find good solutions, it may eventually lead to bickering over almost every facet of their relationship. They become angry and frustrated, and it spreads to everything in their lives.

Bickering with each other does not necessarily mean the relationship is at its end. It is more a symptom of being frustrated than anything else. One unsolved problem may begin the bickering, but it eventually spreads throughout the relationship. Recognizing this has happened is the first step towards solving the underlying issue. If the couple recognizes the problem but cannot figure out the solution, professional help will often save the relationship before it is too late.