Getting Along with Each Other


Stopping the Carousel of Compromise

There are people who believe that when their partner says no to something it is the first answer instead of the final answer, and they might one day find they are alone. Partners who constantly give in to the other person see it as nothing more than a waste of their life. When they tell the other person they do not want to do an activity or spend money on something, they will be badgered and harassed until they give in. It might be cute at first, but it does not wear well for a long relationship.

Few people exist in the modern world who do not enjoy getting their way, so giving in to the wishes of a partner might feel good. Many of them see it as a way to win future compromises, and few of them realize that giving in at first might make it impossible to ever do anything else. People can be selfish, but they also learn that behavior when it is rewarded by getting what they want. Both parties are responsible for the outcome.

When a person is constantly giving in to their partner, they can begin to feel resentment. They see their life as a series of compromises that will never end, and the demands will continue to pile up over time. When their life is nothing more than a moving wheel of compromises, they often want to step off and make it stop. This wish often turns out to be nothing more than a reason to get a divorce.

Keeping a relationship intact requires both partners to recognize the need to sacrifice and make compromises if they want to continue their relationship. Those who believe they are entitled to always win are often the ones left behind unexpectedly, and they will find that their expectations lost them the best partner they ever found.