Getting Along with Each Other


Stop Being Selfish

Compromise may be the key to working out the kinks in a relationship, but too much of it is a bad precedent for a happy relationship. One person may spend years giving in to their partner because they do not have the energy to fight for what they want. Their unhappiness may suddenly come out when their partner pushes for just one more compromise from them. They could give in again, they could leave, or they could demand their partner stop being selfish. While it might be a big surprise to hear those words, heeding them could save the relationship.

Many of the times people in a relationship give in to their partner, they do it because it is a small or easy way to make life happier for both of them. The person constantly demanding their needs be satisfied may not realize how selfish they are being. Their partner could build up resentment over time, and the explosion may come when least expected by either of them.

Giving in sometimes can be good for a relationship, yet it is a sacrifice that should be appreciated. That lack of appreciation is often what causes the most resentment, and it can create a mountain of pain and anger. When it finally reaches the point where combustion is ready to begin spontaneously, it may be too late to salvage the relationship without extreme measures.

Graceful sacrifice is often seen as a virtue, but regret can be the outcome when it happens over the years. A person may have one small dream that matters to them, but they are constantly setting it aside to keep their partner happy. When their partner steadfastly refuses to see what is happening or that they also need to make sacrifices, the relationship becomes unbalanced. That can be magnified over time, and it may be best to end the relationship if there is no movement toward ensuring both partners are happy.