Getting Along with Each Other


Low Maintenance Love

There are many people who have left a bad relationship and are seeking a new one. They have their private list of items they need with the new person they will date, but it is generally based on the issues they had in their previous relationship. One of the most difficult things people face is when they do not require a partner to dance completely to their tune, yet they find they have been dumped for someone who demands constant attention. Low maintenance love does not mean a person’s needs should be ignored, so finding just the right partner is important.

The demands partners place on each other are established early in the relationship, so a person with few demands is often seen as weak or uncommitted. The truth is that the person has found their own abilities are sufficient, and they need a partner who recognizes their competence in life. Many look at them as people who can be used to enhance a partner’s life, and it is important to notice this when the relationship begins.

A partner who is seeking someone who requires little maintenance to keep the relationship going might be tired of a demanding partner, but they must be ready to contribute their share to the relationship. Living life with someone who is easy does not mean there should be less commitment from their partner, so letting that person get away with being emotionally lazy will eventually destroy the relationship.

It is difficult for many self-sufficient people to understand how they end up with bad partners when they require so little of them, but it occurs on a regular basis. These are people who do not have the time or energy to waste being demanding, and they often believe changing who they are is not worthwhile. They need to find someone who can truly appreciate the lack of maintenance required, but that person must also be ready when their time and attention are needed to keep the relationship going.